Max Weger

As a senior in the Kelley School of Business, I've been able to cultivate a myriad of experiences that have helped me in my internships, jobs, and future career. Most recently, I spent the summer managing teams and improving a distribution center in the DHL Supply Chain and am excited to now be working on a full network optimization of Berry Global's North America Supply Chain. Throughout these experiences, I've leveraged technology to overcome unexpected issues and facilitate the ultimate realization of the final result.

With my consulting experience through various projects in and outside of Bloomington, I've acquired leadership skills as well as strategies to deal with unexpected circumstances. This can be most easily seen with my ability to adapt 3 separate consulting projects to the COVID pandemic, and still deliver beyond expectations. These projects and jobs have allowed me to enjoy experience in many different fields of focus, giving me a new excitement for the next direction that my career takes as I finish my undergraduate studies.

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